Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Experts Explore Health Advantages of Cold-Brewed Coffee

For people experiencing stomach issues, one of the first things a doctor generally suggests is removing coffee from the diet. New research now suggests changing how coffee is brewed - from hot to cold-brewed to relieve acid reflux problems.

July 30, 2015 - Coffee may be receiving an unwarranted snub in some circles, say health experts at Authority Nutrition. The culprit behind acid reflux may be more about the way the coffee is brewed. Health experts explain how cold-brewed coffee may offer significant health benefits over its hot counterpart.

“We hear reports all the time how customers feel relief when switching to cold-brewed coffee,” commented Destin Knowles, spokesperson for a company selling high quality cold brew coffee filters, Madesco Cold-brew Coffee. “It's always rewarding to hear about people who, despairing that they may have had to give up their daily ‘joe,’ getting to continue enjoying coffee’s great flavors. Add the discovered health benefits delivered by cold brew and there’s little reason not to give it a try. Starbucks is rarely wrong, and they were more than likely on to something when they recently began offering cold-brewed coffee in 1,800 of their cafes,” said Knowles.

It turns out cold-brewed coffee increases energy levels while heightening focus and mental acuity - a point confirmed in controlled studies of brain function where people consumed no more than a cup or two of coffee. It can also boost metabolism while favorably impacting athletic performance and fitness. Can you say, “Loss of fat?”  This energetic boost offered in a single cup can help a person run faster, lift more and display more endurance.

Finally, cold-brewed coffee has shown itself to not aggravate the stomach lining as can its steaming sibling, thereby sidestepping chemical changes in natural coffee acids that, when triggered by heat, turn flavors bitter. This probably explains the smoother tones gushed about by cold-brew aficionados. Some people even recommend cold-brewed coffee to calm an upset stomach. So rather than throw out your favorite coffee mug, join others who now make their coffee - cold - straight out of the faucet.

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