Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sano BioSciences: The US Company that Reinvented Natural Supplements Medicine

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Sano BioSciences supplements have been re-launched recently on Amazon, offering weight loss and bodybuilding benefits and also acting as overall health boosters, using new improved formulas MADE and tested in the USA in GMP certified and FDA approved laboratories.

New York, New York - With almost 40 years combined experience, Sano BioSciences specialists dedicated their time studying and developing health and fitness supplements. Their knowledge lead to the development earlier in 2012 of Sano BioSciences Nature Power CLA 2000mg and launch of the highly acclaimed Sano BioSciences Formula 656 thermogenic Fat Burner, in the summer of 2014

SANO BioSciences is a company dedicated to the development and marketing of premium products as well as for the health and lifestyle of their customers. As one of the most trusted manufacturers of dietary supplements, Sano BioSciences has researched, formulated and produced some of the most popular supplements in the market. What sets them apart from the countless seemingly similar offerings out there is the extremely strict adherence to quality control and the sky-high quality of the end product.Sano BioSciences matchless products deliver the power that is essential for professional athletes to triumph.

After the release of the company’s first product, the fact that SANO BioSciences extracts are manufactured in FDA registered facilities in the USA, and strictly follow all cGMP guidelines, has lead to a Massive Positive Customer Impact, making Sano supplements quickly some of the most wanted supplements in the United States
Due to the positive impact, SANO BioSciences recently re-launched an improved formula of the Nature Power CLA 2000 mg, conjugated linoleic acid supplements and a newer product, Formula 656 thermogenic metabolizer made exclusively under a patented 100% Natural formula, and available staring April 2015 also on

About SANO BioSciences

A new website, containing health and nutrition information, company updates and upcoming products, was launched earlier this month, according to Val Daianu spokes person for the company. For more information please visit:

Media contact and distribution inquiries:
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7931 E. Pecos Road
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