Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Orange County Gym "Battles" Through with Strongman John Brookfield


Costa Mesa, Calif.– Fitness innovator and world record holder John Brookfield brings his Battling Ropes System to Innovative Results (IR) Gym, voted #1 in personal training in Orange County. On June 13th and 14th, Brookfield and his team will conduct his signature Battling Ropes System Certification. The two-day event will also highlight other unconventional training tools like barrels and chains.

Brookfield has been known the world over for accomplishing incredible feats of strength and endurance. One of his most notable accomplishments is pulling a 24,000-pound truck for a distance of one full mile in 1 hour and 23 minutes. While this particular challenge is definitely physical, Brookfield’s training philosophy focuses on achieving mind over body. Already in his mid-fifties, Brookfield is a shining example of what the body can do with the right mindset.

IR Co-Owners and Head Coaches Corey Beasley and Aaron Guyett are both Battling Ropes Certified and emphasize the importance of mindset in their group and individual personal training sessions. Their giant indoor facility, which includes battling ropes, barrels, and chains, is an open space inspired by the pure joy of a playground. At Innovative Results, individuals and athletes of all skill levels can test their mettle with any of these tools, all while building a strength-inducing group dynamic with fellow IR members. As Aaron Guyett points out: “it takes improved mindset and a supportive team to strengthen each person to their optimal level.”

Brookfield’s workshop is but one of the many supportive partnerships that makes Innovative Results the place for improving quality of life.

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