Friday, May 15, 2015

New Website Teaches Texting Techniques That Turn Digits Into Dates

Men who have trouble getting a second date just because the text they sent to the girl seemed flat or failed to impress, now have a chance to up their game. A new website which teaches texting technique, turning phone number or digits into real dates has been launched.

“The new website contains load of contents which offer valuable information to men who are in the dating scene, “said the site owner while announcing the launch of the platform. The new site  is a comprehensive texting site that helps men to get better texting ultimately improving their dating life.

The site according to the founder, would have come at the right time, a recent survey showed that women aged between 18 and 28 years preferred being contacted by a guy whom they have just met through a text message. Analyst conclude that this is because text messages can be stored and the user can always refer to it later either to reread the message or evidence of communication. “The Girl Texted site has come to fill the gap that exist, most men perform badly when it comes to texting, a guy loses a girl whom he has just met and liked just because they lack the right skills to communicate through text messages, our site is here to help men improve on their texting and win over the girl,” said the site founder.

According to the site founderthe main focus at is providing high quality and effective content in the world of textual seduction. “The text message helps build potential and existing interactions, hook-ups, and relationships. There is no way around it," added the site founder.

Men who are currently sending out bad text messages to the cute girls whom they want to hang out with , have been invited to have a look at the The site will help them get right, through field tested and proven text messages, the platform also offer useful information which will help the guy win over the girl. The information provided in the site, according to the site founder, teaches men not only how to text but also ensuring that they win over the girl. Men who are interested to win the girl over the text will find the site useful , they have an option of using the texts word by word or slightly alter to suit their special environment or needs.

Proper texting has been proved to work magic in the dating scene, this site according to the analyst will provide men with a platform where they can perfect their skills and become better lovers. Many see the site as the ultimate help in the areas of texting, it will help them improve greatly on how they communicate with their new catch and win them over.

About The Girl Texted
The authors at are leading experts in the field of dating, pickup, and relationship advice for men. They created this site because of how important texting has become in today's modern dating world and the lack of resources available for men looking to improve their dating life.


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