Monday, May 11, 2015

Biology Professor to Talk About The Neuroscience of Dating


Love biologist, professor and science of love researcher, Dawn Maslar MS is coming to Pittsburgh for a one-night only event discussing the Neuroscience of Dating.

Pittsburgh, PA. May 11, 2015 – Denise Sansosti Trobee was in a relationship but was struggling when she asked Dawn Maslar to be on her Dare to Date Podcast. As they talked, Dawn had explained how men and women falling in love differently and made a few suggestions for Denise.

“I took her suggestions and they made all the difference in the world. I’m now her biggest fan,” says Denise. “I liked her so much I’m bringing her to Pittsburgh.”

Thursday May 28th 7pm to 9pm
WESA Community Room
67 Bedford Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

In this exclusive one-night only event Maslar explains that falling in love is the effect of certain neurotransmitters on your brain. How and if those chemicals build up are a result of each person’s perception of risk. One good date, a person can get a little dopamine, but one bad remark can stop the entire process.

The reason love is so risking is that once a couple falls in love, they enter into a state that Maslar calls “temporary insanity.” During this phase important parts of your brain actually shut down, such as your ventromedial prefrontal cortex. Something Maslar calls “the Judge.” Therefore, when you fall in love you loss the ability to see the other person correctly. That’s why dating can be so difficult. Mother Nature doesn’t want you to make yourself vulnerable to the wrong person. But, it can be easy when you understand the science of love.

Dawn Maslar MS. an award-winning author, adjunct biology professor and quickly become a go-to authority on the science of love. She worked with the TED Education division (Lessons Worth Sharing) to create The Science of Attraction video, and she also blogs and vlogs about romantic love and attraction on her website at and her wildly successful YouTube channel with video such as “How to Avoid Being Loved and Left For Women  - The Coolidge Effect Explained,” "The Secret to Making a Great First Impression,” "Why You're a Sucker for a Good Love Story."

She has appeared on South Florida Today Show to explain the science behind Valentine’s Day gifts South Florida Today, was featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune, and explored the science of love on NPR.


Dawn Maslar
(954) 817-1966
Or Denise SansostiTrobee
(412) 638-5658
Tickets at:

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