Monday, February 2, 2015

XRSize Releases Extra Long, Durable Organic Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Summary: The purpose of this press release is to let readers know an all-natural Yoga mat is now available from XRSize.

January  28th, 2015

Yoga is a workout that can be performed anywhere; however, when it comes to finding a mat, users often have to settle for ones made from synthetic materials. Not only that, but many Yoga mats on the market today do not offer the right amount of cushioning, nor do they stay in place while people are exercising.

The Yoga mat recently released by XRSize changes all that, as it is made from organic natural rubber and provides excellent skid resistance, so even the most active user will not have to worry about it bunching up.At 72” long and 5mm thick, this mat is ultra comfortable, and is also the perfect size for taller users. Since it is thicker than many other Yoga mats, consumers can count on it to be durable as well. While it is longer and thicker, it is nonetheless extremely lightweight, making it easy to fold up and carry to the gym or any other workout location.

This mat is slightly textured to ensure it grips the floor tightly, regardless of the type of surface it is placed on. The fact that it is free of TPE, PVC and phthalates means it is safe for the environment, and contains no harsh toxins that might cause allergy flare-ups.

NOTE: One week special discount of $20 applies to purchases until Sunday, February 8th at midnight.

Right now, those who buy this organic natural rubber Yoga mat can also take advantage of free shipping. To find out more, visit.

About the Company:

XRSize is devoted to bringing people the very best when it comes to workout equipment. Their latest offering is proof of their lasting commitment to their customers and the environment. For helpful hints on Yoga, visit their blog at:

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