Friday, November 7, 2014

Kaleidoskope Online Travel Magazine and Booking Platform Launches Officially in Paris, France at the BANKE HOTEL on November 7, 7-11 PM in the LOLA BAR

“Saving the World, One Vacation at a time” is the motto of Sara Rodriguez, founder.  

On November 7th: Guests will enjoy special curated cocktails in the LOLA BAR and have a chance to win a luxury vacation if they sign up and register for the travel clubs or give to our charity partners at: (

Luxury Sponsors Hayari Parfums and creator Nabil Hayari of Hayari Couture luxury Wedding and Evening wear will be attending the event to share his perfume trio and two new men's fragrances. Nina’s Tea of Paris will present their “Marie Antoinette Tea” selection featuring apples picked from her gardens at Versailles. Photographer and geographer, Mr. Daniel Riffett will be attending the event to present his book of travel photographs featured in Kaleidoskope Magazine on his travels in Vietnam. We will hold an event raffle for luxury gifts and the grand prizes will go to those who donate to our charity partners.  The Luxury Perfume Trio, The Hayari Men’s Collection and a 5 Star luxury vacation to Brazil, our grand prize.

THE HOTEL BANKE ( occupiesthe premises of a former bank headquarters. Refurbished as a hotel in 2009, the Hotel Banke is housed in a unique early twentieth-century building, the work of architects Paul Friesé and Cassien Bernard. The stately facade dominates the corner of Rue La Fayette at Rue Pillet and evokes the famous “Belle Époque” period. The hotel offers elegant restaurants the ‘Josefin’ for fine dining and cafe style eating at the “Banke”.  The rooms are decorated in modern contemporary style with luxurious amenities befitting a 5 Star rating. The Lola bar welcomes guests as they enter the lobby. The dramatic decor is ‘contemporary baroque’ and the fine furnishings and appointments make the location perfect for business or entertaining. As part of the Derby Hotels group the hotel is one of the jewels of their worldwide collection of fine properties in London, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris.
Kaleidoskope Travel ( is a full service travel booking website with a magazine that features travel stories, bespoke travel itineraries and volunteerism. Sara Rodriguez, creator of the popular travel website “Mindful Travel by Sara” has a devoted monthly audience of over 16,000 readers. Ms. Rodriguez was influenced by the many cultures she saw as a young world traveler. Her desire to support the efforts of nonprofits in the areas of eco-protection, education, women’s health and economic empowerment was a key factor in development of the travel portal that will allow you to designate funds or get involved in the projects that are local to regions around the world.  
Kaleidoskope Charity Partners: Worldwide Outreach “empowers travelers to do good”

Joining with Kaleidoskope Travel are the charity partner organizations like UBUNTU AFRICA, ‘Save the Elephants’ or ‘Water for People’ among others.  Travelers can choose their favorite causes and designate club membership fees up to 5% when they join.  KALEIDOSKOPE donates these funds and provides a unique outreach platform for each charity with their own dedicated page and join in the social media channels.  The charity partners also co-market with Kaleidoskope to further expand the outreach. It’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone.

Travel Clubs: Explore the World with Kaleidoskope

You’ll have access to unique travel experiences that cater to both the luxury travelers and the budget adventurer. Even the kids can join in, with a special club just for them that will teach them the fun of joining in and giving back. The Luxe Valise is for bespoke Travel; the Porte Valise is for those who prefer to book themselves online for special travel deals. Kaleidoskope Kids Club provides family activities and special projects geared to kids’ ages 6 years and up.  By supporting the values of 'Eco-Sustainability', Education and ‘Economic Empowerment’ you are contributing to the world “one vacation at a time”.

The Magazine:  ‘KALEIDOSKOPE’

The meaning of Kaleidoskope:  An instrument that allows one to look at the world with an ever-changing perspective of different patterns, colors and light.

An exclusive line up of travel bloggers and experts will provide content and travel tips for the magazine. In addition to the exciting new booking and donation platform the magazine will feature a section on “Unique and Extraordinary Travelers”. French geographer, explorer, and eco-humanitarian, Daniel Riffet, who has photographed vistas all over the world will be the first ‘featured’ guest traveler in the magazine.

Advertising and marketing programs will offer sponsors and partners unique ways to reach this quickly growing audience of millennial travelers who enjoy experiences rather than vacations. Some of the partners who have already joined this unique platform range from Private Safaris, El Carligto, Fazenda São Francisco do Corumbau, Splendid Asia, CanavesOia Hotel & Suites, Tahiti Tours and Indonature among others.  U.S. locations such as the ‘California Coast’ and the East Coast will soon join the list.

Partnership Programs:  Bringing Charity Together with Unique Travel Experiences

KALEIDOSKOPE partners are hand-picked with a carefully curated set of requirements that reflect the values and standards of eco-responsibility, community responsibility that are rated by the travelers.  Partners are invited to sign up for the travel portal that will take guests from Safaris to Adventure Tours to a Luxury apartment in Paris with a private chef.  But this is just the beginning: marketing and advertising for partner properties are provided by the Kaleidoskope via their multiple channels in social media, banner ads, magazine advertorial and unique content strategy all designed to drive sales for our partners.  

If a partner wishes to donate to one of our partner charities, we reward a hotel or tour property with a “free” advertising service such as:  A dedicated Email, Social Media program or Advertorial in our magazine.  

About the Team:  Sara Rodriguez, founder and resident of Madrid, Spain joined with Pikke Allen, Branding/Partnerships a US Citizen (and Francophone) and Deanna Proach, Editorial Director of Canada. All three women came together for a purpose of creating travel experiences that are not only unique but also create outreach for worldwide concerns. She is joined by a group of top worldwide travel bloggers who lend their experiences to the magazine, KALEIDOSKOPE TRAVEL by sharing their travel tips and hints from their various locales and points of view.  

Audiences: The magazine and social channels serve a young, hip traveler who is concerned about worldwide issues of education, health and empowerment, they are animal friendly and eco-sensitive, married or single with a predominantly female decision maker at the helm making travel decisions.

For further information and Press Inquiries:

ARTIFICE ATELIER - Marketing & Public Relations Partner for KALEIDOSKOPE
For press Inquiries:  Pikke Allen   (US INTERNATIONAL)   +1 650 739-3770  
Email: +33 06 58 40 41 37 mobile Paris area.

Editorial & Concierge Travel: Founder, Sara Rodríguez  +34 648 102772
Email: Website:

BankeHotel: 20 Rue la Fayette, 75009 Paris, +33 01 55 33 22 25

Hayari Paris, and Creator NABIL HAYARI will be present to share their perfumes with guests and shortly will be launching a new boutique on the Left Bank in St. Germain this month.  

Nina's Tea, will present its MARIE ANTOINETTE TEA and M. Corrinne Brun, President will be on hand to share this special gift with guests.

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