Monday, August 25, 2014

American Buddhist Nun Offers Free Loving-Kindness Meditation Class in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii – August 25, 2014 – Buddhist meditation is an ancient way to experience serenity, awareness and deep, calm mental focus. It is a practice which has gained remarkable popular acceptance and allows individuals to release the often debilitating stresses of the modern world. On Thursday, August 28, the Buddhist group Aloha Sangha will host Viranani, an American Buddhist nun, who will teach a free experiential class on the practice of metta, also known as loving-kindness, meditation. The class will begin at 6PM at 2601 Ferdinand Avenue, in the lower Manoa area of Honolulu, and will feature guided instruction as well as time for question and answers from the public. 

Loving-kindness meditation allows one to cultivate a benevolent attitude toward all living beings, while opening the heart and mind. The meditation practice uses words, images and feelings to evoke friendliness toward others. This practice dates back to the historical Buddha as a way to support the development of insight into the mind-body process. It can be practiced anywhere, at any time.  

Viranani is experienced with the formal practice of metta meditation, which allows people to develop the skills that naturally arouse feelings of loving-kindness toward themselves, friends, and even strangers. When cultivated over time, practitioners report overcoming inter-personal conflicts and improved relationships. This evening class is suitable for beginners and for those from any religious of spiritual background. 

Viranani is an American woman who was ordained as a nun in the Burmese Theravada tradition. She currently resides in a monastery in Burma, where she has studied Buddhist philosophy and has practiced meditation in many long term, intensive periods of retreat. Additionally, she helps organize and distribute funds donated to children and adults in great need in Burma, many of whom are orphans or displaced persons due to Cyclone Nargis. She has been a nun for over eight years. 

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