Thursday, May 1, 2014

Orlando Mindfulness Meditation Course Starts 2015

Mindfulness practice is the intentional cultivation of moment to moment awareness without judgment or reaction. The key to mindfulness is not so much what you choose to focus on but the quality of the awareness that you bring to each moment. It is very important that it be non-judgmental-more of a silent witnessing, a dispassionate observing, than a running commentary on your inner experience.  

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) that includes mindfulness philosophy and blends cognitive exercises that help participants to change their relationship to their thoughts and to manage their emotions compassionately. MBCT helps to guide participants step back from automatic patterns of thoughts and feelings when faced with difficulty or when they begin to feel overwhelm so they can recognize the first signs and respond mindfully instead of habitually.

MBCT was developed in the UK through universities such as Oxford and Bangor to help people with treatment resistant depression. Studies have shown that MBCT can help people with depression, anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness teacher, Brenda Bentley is travelling to Orlando, Florida in January 2015 and will be offering the 8-Week Mindfulness Course in Orlando to local participants. This is the first time Brenda has delivered her MBCT course in Florida and the first time this structure of MBCT has been available in this way.

The course is adapted from the MBCT curriculum for a general audience so anyone who is looking to enhance their life and experience the benefits of establishing a daily mindfulness practice can now learn from a certified trainer. The course is taught in classroom style with a mix of formal meditation practice, theory and exercises to help participants to cultivate present-moment awareness the MBCT course helps participants to deal with life's challenges in a mindful way and encourages a deeper sense of openness, clarity and compassion.

The Orlando mindfulness course will begin in January and run for 8 consecutive weeks. Details of dates and structure are available through the website. There is also a weekend retreat available. Places are strictly limited and early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Brenda Bentley is a certified Mindfulness Teacher meets the requirements by the Good Practice Guidance for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses published by the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers. Booking for the course is now open online through the website at:

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