Monday, December 23, 2013

Latest Tria Laser Reviews Video for Laser Hair Removal

Seattle, WA, December 23, 2013 –– Janice Brentwood assisted in the production of a new video about the Tria laser for hair removal.

"While I was investigating the traditional laser hair removal done in a clinic setting I was surprised to find claims that you can now get the same level of treatment at home with new portable hand-held devices. The Tria laser in particular has been cleared by the FDA and is said to use the same technology traditionally found in the doctor's office" stated Janice Brentwood, a freelance journalist located in Seattle, WA.

While having laser hair removal done in a salon is common knowledge today, few consumers are aware that new at-home treatment options are available at the fraction of the cost. While many will be skeptical, we cannot deny the fact that the FDA have given one such product known as Tria its stamp of approval for at-home use.

Whist the Tria laser sounds like a more convenient and cheaper alternative to traditional laser hair removal, consumers need to be aware that it is not safe to use on all skin tones. Moreover, those with darker shades of skin or tanned skin, may not be suitable candidates for the treatment with the Tria laser. According to the manufacturer "The TRIA laser is designed to interact with the dark pigment of the hair. As a result, dark brown and black skin may absorb too much heat."

The Tria laser is said to come with a testing mechanism which you apply to your skin and it tells you whether or not you may use the device. If your skin is too dark, the Tria will lock to prevent any potential injury from occurring.

The way the device is said to work is the hair follicles absorb the laser energy upon application and this causes them to go into a longer than normal resting phase in the hair growth cycle. Overtime the hairs become less visible and the resting phase is said to last for years as a result.

According to Janice: "In the Tria laser reviews video I worked on there is detailed information about the product and also highlights the fact that the device is not for everyone."

According to the manufacturer the Tria laser is the only cordless clinically-proven laser hair removal device in the market for at-home use, which can give permanent results.

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