Saturday, August 24, 2013

Expedia Fans Website Offers Exceptional Coupons For Travel Worldwide

Worldwide, August 24, 2013 - A website by the name of Expedia Fans is a great resource for getting good news to discount seeking travelers. A great way to obtain even further discounted travel not readily found on Expedia, the company’s website highlights discounts of up to sixty percent off the popular travel site’s official prices.

“It’s no secret that Expedia is a travel booking giant.” said Mark Heinrich, Founder of Expedia Fans. “However, not everyone knows that Expedia offers various special offers apart from the item discounts found on their website. These special offers can be obtained by simply using specific coupon codes at the time of booking. That’s where comes in. We pass those coupon codes directly to our site visitors.”

Coupons currently available on the site are a savings of five percent off hotel booking and an even more impressive twenty percent off hotel stays at Radisson Hotels.

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Mark Heinrich

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