Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hypnosis for Weight Loss


Many people struggling to lose weight find that will power and keeping the right mental attitude are two of their biggest setbacks. Using hypnosis can help; it helps to reprogram the negative habits established over time and to reinforce the new desired behaviours.

Davina DeSilver & Marcos Amigdalos have created and published a successful book on Amazon Kindle that walks you effortlessly through the process. It also highlights why hypnosis in the past might not have worked as the right setting and environment are essential to be able to truly relax. Only then will the mind be in the correct and accessible state required to ensure the new suggestions are accepted.

The publication also includes 2 versions of a full hypnosis session aimed at helping you to lose weight, these are available as MP3 downloads. With clear instructions as to how to get the most from your recordings and the blissful experience of hypnosis.

Reader Review:

"Since downloading this book, I have noticed a great improvement - not just in the fact I'm finding it easier to lose weight that I've never been able to shift before but also I'm sleeping better and feel much more positive generally. I'm really impressed by how well it works".

Free to Download on Kindle 31 May - 2 June 2013

This week on Friday May 31 to Sunday 2 June 2013 "Hypnosis for Weightloss" will be free to download on Amazon Kindle:

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