Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting Back our Healthiness

For the government, subjugating the enemy and make a patient to be treated, a "consumer of therapies," is definitely functional and convenient. The American psychiatrist Allen Freiberg, former head of the commission that drafted the Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), which is renewed every15 years and is used by psychiatrists worldwide, issued a warning disconcerting, that in the next edition Manual (DSM-V), released in 2013, with the introduction of new diseases or syndromes, almost all the inhabitants of the earth will conduct classified as mental disorders. In other words, millions of healthy people, who live only normal is miss problems, sadness, difficulties, vulnerability and suffering, in 2013 could be "diagnosed" as mentally ill. Among the "pathologies" of which it is assumed the inclusion in the manual, the caffeine withdrawal. At this rate, even those who are experiencing a normal mourning the loss of or separation, will be classified as depressed, as sick, that’s why a treatment of “benessere psicofisico e mentale” by is so important.

A crazy place would be a good market. Franches Allen says, "A diagnostic system is important to establish the boundaries between normality and disease and determine who actually need the drug, the problem is that in recent years we have seen a real diagnostic inflation, the responsibility for which lies both the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies.”He adds: "Even now, every year, 25% of the U.S. population, about 45 million people, one sees diagnose a mental disorder, case happens to half the population by the age of 82 years. The DSM-IV have tried to be more cautious as possible but we have still avoided the increase in diseases classified to 357 and the resulting trend in which the diagnosis of bipolar disorder increased by 40% compared to what happened with the DSM-III those of autism increased by 25%, those of ADHD syndrome, hyperactivity and attention deficit children, have doubled …'

"Now the producers of legal drugs are more responsible dependencies producers of illegal drugs. The problem is not in the bad faith of the members of the Commission of the DSM but in their belonging to the elite of the psychiatric sector. They do not realize that their information in the hands of doctors hurried, and not always relevant with the advertising pressure of the pharmaceutical industry, can lead to serious abuses. Antipsychotics in the U.S. are selling medication, with a turnover of 50billiondollars a year, 5% of the total. Our current knowledge does not allow us, among other preventive prescription of psychotropic drugs. "

It is also underestimated the wide range of real and serious side effects of drugs. As Frances says: "From the increase of obesity in young population already at high risk for overweight (an increase of even a pound a week), to addiction. Three hundred American soldiers have died to have taken medication prescribed. It is therefore important that doctors do not perform the diagnosis too quickly and that enhance the relationship than drug therapies."

But for many, it is more convenient and also deresponsabilizzante ingabbiarsi car, or be caged within a category pathological and delegate to a therapist care, rather than take responsibility for their own evolutionary change through a process of personal growth. It’s easier said "I have a problem and I do care," rather than say "I have a problem I need to educate myself to fix it."

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