Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Online Fitness Store Offers Great Discounts and Advice on Fitness Training Just in Time for the Olympics

To celebrate the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, MyFitnessandMuscle.co.uk are offering the latest and greatest deals on fitness training equipment, home gym equipment, muscle training products, bodybuilding supplements, weight loss supplements and more.

With the London Olympics starting, many people are looking into updating or purchasing new fitness equipment and this is where the online store, MyFitnessandMuscle.co.uk, has decided to source and offer a large amount of sporting goods at greatly discounted prices. They are offering voucher codes on their site that will enable all sports and fitness enthusiasts to purchase top quality name brands at extremely low prices.

The MyFitnessandMuscle.co.uk website sources a collection of fitness training and bodybuilding equipment as well as weight loss products from various top companies so that the inner Olympian in everyone can become lean and feel great using the best possible items.

There are many discounts to choose from covering a wide range of sporting disciplines including cycling where customers can experience a saving of up to 15% on Pro Bike gear. For the runners, there is a manual Biosync G1000 treadmill which is discounted by 30%.

For athletes, there is a discount of 20% on track and field spikes, as well as 2 of the best weightlifting shoes. The Adidas Power Perfect II Weightlifting Shoe and the Adipower weightlifting Shoe have special heel support design, as well as air flow vents, and will be worn by some of the weight listing competitors at this Olympics.

Aside from their large range of affordable, yet high quality fitness equipment and accessories, footwear, and supplements, MyFitnessandMuscle.co.uk takes the time and effort to inform its customers about current fitness trends and goes into detail about issues pertaining to the health and fitness industry. They touch on the importance of how to train correctly, give advice about diet and how to build muscle effectively, and also offer tips about which equipment is best for certain types of training.

In addition to the interesting and useful information offered, they also provide their customers with up-to-date news pertaining to the latest happenings in the fitness training and sports industry including using ginger to combat sore muscles and listing "What Doesn't Work" tips from the Huffington Post. This site is a hub for anything and everything you want to know regarding fitness training and muscle building, where you can also purchase top quality products.

MyFitnessandMuscle.co.uk is aiming to be one of the most dedicated sports and fitness online stores on the web that is really in sync with its customer's needs. By sourcing and offering great specials to coincide with the opening of the Olympic Games, they hope to send a positive and encouraging message to all sports fans out there!

Editor's Notes
My Fitness and Muscle is an online shopping and information website based in the United Kingdom.

Contact Person: Dean Manley

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