Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yoga Clothes

Yoga has long been practiced as a kind of awakening and spiritual discipline, it is gaining popularity even further west with the interest of people increased in spirituality and ancient arts. When practicing Yoga it is important to have good quality clothing that allows your body a free range of movement and also allows you to maintain a healthy temperature throughout the yoga exercises.

There is a large market for all things yoga, yoga mat bags and yoga clothes and an entire range of Yoga accessories and yoga apparel. There are standard versions of all these elements and then there is the "ethical", "green", and "fair trade" items that people may well be more attracted to. It is generally accepted that people who take part in activities such as yoga are more in harmony with nature and have strong ethical and moral sensibility.

For yoga clothing if these things are important to you it is advisable to seek out yoga clothes that is natural and organic and what that really mean in terms of yoga clothing is that the garments are made using the most natural materials, such as organic cotton. A major problem with cotton production are pesticides that are used on crops, because they are incredibly hard they pollute the soil around plants and can have adverse effects on farmers and their families by choosing organic yoga clothing. However, organic is not the only thing we are encouraged to consider when we buy our yoga clothes, the last question to be addressed is the carbon footprint of products. Where does the material come that make the yoga clothes?  

Each piece of fuel that was burned for your yoga clothes to reach you impacts the wider carbon footprint. This issue became such a huge global problem that many airlines, which are considered one of the biggest contributors to global warming, are offering you the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint when you buy your ticket. The same considerations are now been given to purchases that may have to travel long distances to reach us. Buy from an ethical company that is close by if at all possible.

If you cannot be sure of this and we know it is hard, we can tick a final box and ensure our Yoga clothing is fair trade. Fair trade means that not only workers and producers are paid fair prices for their products and not what the West wants to pay, but it is much more than that. Fair trade helps to improve the conditions and lives of many people who work around the world. It is very important for farmers who live and work in countries where they have no social support or a solid infrastructure.

So go green and invest in yoga clothes and support a fair trade ethos. You will be helping the world and yet still get the best possible yoga clothing to enjoy and benefit you during your yoga session.

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