Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yoga Clothes - Tips for Choosing Yoga Clothes

Yoga wear has become fashionable. Women are wearing it for other types of work-outs and even when running errands. Yoga clothes are soft, durable and comfortable, so they are ideal to wear for everyday whether you workout or not. So, do you need to have a fit body to wear the popular yoga gear? The answer is no. You just need to know how to choose the right yoga pants and tops for your body type. The yoga pants need to be snug, but also allow the skin to breathe, even if you do not wear them to workout.
The fold-over pant style is probably one of the most popular styles. They fit just about any body type and the fold can be adjusted to hide flaws. When the flap is left high, it has a slimming affect. These are especially popular with pregnant women who wear the pants for comfort and the ability to adjust the fold as their belly grows. The fold-over pants also give the illusion of a longer leg, which is good to enhance petite legs. Yoga pants come in a variety of styles that include knee length, shorts and full-length pants. The most important thing is comfort.
When choosing a top, keep in mind what activities you will be doing when wearing the yoga clothes. When doing yoga poses, you may do some that require you to turn upside down, so you want a top that is snug enough to stay down, but not too tight to be uncomfortable. No matter what activities you choose to do when wearing the clothes, you will want to choose an absorbent soft fabric that allows our skin to breathe.  A cotton, Lycra and Spandex blend is best for both fit and breathability.
Basically, it all comes down to good fit and comfort. Whether you choose a less expensive or costly brand of yoga clothes, they must look good and feel good. Comfort is important whether you are actually working out or just want to feel good when doing daily tasks. Good fit is important when you are attending a yoga class or just going out in public to the grocery store or post office. You want a flattering pant and shirt combination. To achieve this take into consideration all the varieties of yoga pants in petite, tall and all the other choices out there made to fit many body types.

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