Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zrce Spring Break: The Ultimate Spring Break 2012 in Europe

Get ready to party with some of the hottest DJ's around the world this summer in Novalja, Beach Zrce in Island Pag of Croatia. Thousands of Spring beakers are gearing up for the big event to catch some of the hottest DJ's and after parties. The entire Zrce Spring break schedule starts from June 18 to June 23. The entire event will be like no other in Europe. People from California, Georgia, and throughout Europe will make sure to come here. Grab your accommodations today and get the summer of a lifetime as we all welcome you graduates and party animals.

The Zrce Spring break events will feature four different DJ's throughout the week. Those four DJ's are Jerome Isma AE, All Farben, Fritz Kalkbrener, and Oliver Koletzki. Get the chance to listen to them all night long as they play House, techno, electro, Dubstep, progressive, and all the other top artists in the music industry. Everybody is getting ready for such a great occasion, and you will find your entire trip to be quite exciting when the entire festival heats up. Come and visit this stunning party before it starts. Get ready for lots of fun and excitement.

After the DJ's perform each afternoon, experience the exciting games that the entire beach has ready for all of you. Get ready because the summer beach contests are well on their way and will start happening throughout the beach. Play beach volleyball, join the contests, jet ski on the beach, and do all the water sports that you have always wanted to try (wakeboard, water ski, jet ski…). People everywhere are trying to make it to this hotspot throughout the year, but the party doesn't start until the Spring breakers are in. The event will last for a full week approximately 6 days and 5 nights long.

When the events end by night time, get ready to enjoy the nightclubs around the area like Club Papaya and Aquarius, as the party never ends in this part of Europe. The entire beach is known for being quite relaxing the morning, but turning into a big nightclub as the sun sets down. Grab your flight tickets today and catch a ride to Zrce beach. The entire summer event consists of many events, so you can be sure to experience a wonderful time during this time of the year. There are many wonderful boutiques and great hotels near the beach, so you can be sure to get a nice place to stay during your trip.

The beach is filled with exciting nightclubs, but imagine the excitement involved during the Spring break week. Everybody from other countries is surely going to come by. The four DJ's are also from other countries, so get a load of international music throughout the week. Spring breakers should attend this event before going back to school or getting that job in that new career. A nice set of fun is surely going to be fun for all of you. 

Grab your event tickets today and be granted a whole week’s access to the festival. More at


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