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Solving a Jaw Ache

There are many common causes of jaw ache which are usually identified with medical problems of different categories. Varied as they are, these problems can be categorized into two i.e. primary and secondary problems. The primary categories involve the conditions that directly affect the jaw. This type can be treated by a dentist or a nose, ears, and throat doctor. The secondary category on the other hand, usually involves the conditions that affect the other body parts. This type makes the pain to easily migrate towards the chin. However, such a situation may prove to be very difficult to resolve and thus may require the expertise of the other medical specialists.

Jaw Ache Causes

This article is only going to focus on some of the most common jaw pain causes that are found under the first category i.e. primary category. They include dental problems, trauma, dry socket, bone spurs, sinus infections, necrosis, and arthritis.

Jaw Ache--Trauma

Trauma usually arises as a result of a broken jaw. Direct heating or accidents on the facial bone are the most common culprits that are known to this. In addition, excessive grinding of the teeth known as bruxism can also cause such trauma.

Jaw Ache—Dental Problems

Damaged teeth, cavities, oral surgeries, teeth extractions, and also fillings and severe infections of the gum can sometimes cause severe pain to the jaw.

Jaw Ache--Bone Spurs

Bone spurs are also referred to as bony out growths.  They are most common among the adults. The projection of the impacted wisdom teeth may cause a hurting sensation to happen to this joint.

Jaw Ache—Arthritis

The mandibular joints are the specific areas that are usually attacked by arthritis. In relation to this, the temporomandibular jaw pain (TMJ jaw pain) is also caused by the chronic inflammation of this bone.

Jaw Ache--Sinus Infections

Similar to ear infections, sinus infections may also lead to jaw ache. This may be a result of the pressure that is present in the ears and also the sinus cavities which usually are connected to the facial joint.

Jaw Ache--Dry socket

If a blood clot happens to be dislodged during the process of tooth extraction, it will expose the nerves and bones underneath thus giving rise to jaw ache. There are usually referred pains, which may radiate from your socket, through the facial jaws.

Jaw Ache—Necrosis

Necrosis is characterized by the presence of swollen glands in the neck's region which in turn brings the hurting sensations in a person's facial joint.

Jaw Ache Remedies

There are times that the above conditions bring pain which is bearable.   If that happens to be the case, try to apply gentle pressure on any of the tender areas that is present in your jaw. Try to make sure that you avoid any possibility that may result in deep massages since the facial joints are severely delicate and thus can easily be affected. In between the gentle massages, you may be able to relieve the jaw pain by slowly opening and closing your mouth.  See if the present hurting sensations increase once the pressure is applied. Usually, this is a good hint for you to be able to stop with the gentle massages.

It is also advisable that you ensure that you give your facial joint enough rest. Excessively using it may be as a result of too much chewing or talking and must be avoided. For one, chewing gum is not usually healthy due to the fact that it induces constant jaw muscles movement thus making the related joints painful and swollen. Also, try to make sure that you often relax your shoulders and neck. This is because the strain in these parts of the body may cause an aching of the facial joints due to factors such as wrong posture when sleeping or working.

Seeing a medical practitioner like a dentist and an ENT doctor would be an ideal solution in trying to eradicate any of the above mentioned causes of jaw ache that you might be having. After requiring some X-rays and check- ups, the doctor will give you some advice on the most appropriate measures that you can follow. These measures could be in the form of surgeries, therapies, prescription drugs, or the use of dental fixtures.

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