Sunday, April 8, 2012

The 37 Most Powerful Yoga Poses And Yoga Postures To Transform Your Life and Body Now

United States, New Mexico, Albuquerque, April 8, 2012 – Julie Schoen has transformed her life through the power of yoga.  After suffering traumatic injuries to her back and head after a hit-and-run car accident, Schoen struggled to find anything to help get her body back in the top-athlete condition it once was.  Then, she found yoga.  Experienced yoga instructor devoted to helping others learn the secret benefits of yoga, Schoen is now the author of the much-anticipated book, Yoga Poses For The New Yogi: 37 Wicked Yoga Postures To Transform Your Day.

Yoga has been practiced for centuries throughout the world, but it wasn’t until recently that it became widely accepted in the western world. Yoga has become a global trend, boasting amazing results from athletes, celebrities, CEOs, senior citizens, children, and anyone in need of improving their day-to-day life (and isn’t that all of us?)  As people flock to their local yoga studio, many feel overwhelmed, not understanding the basics of poses that are quickly instructed by a teacher who is often juggling the needs of 20+ students in her class.

37 Wicked Yoga Postures was written by Schoen as an answer to all yogis who want to deepen their knowledge and ability to practice the most common and beneficial poses offered in the system of yoga. The 37 yoga poses covered in this book are the ones that every student needs in order to build a strong foundation for their practice. The author says, “These are the only poses I would need if I was stuck on a deserted island.” And, indeed, the majority of us would definitely need a basic understanding of yoga to help keep us alive and well on a lonely island in the middle of nowhere.  This essential, must-read yoga book provides beautiful illustrations of each posture, step-by-step instructions crafted by a knowledgeable instructor, and lists of benefits to motivate you to get on your mat. 

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