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1970s Bohemian Clothing

Bohemian clothing is associated with the California lifestyle of the 1960s and 1970s hippy movement. It takes its influences from the gypsy style and other world cultures, Indian, African, Asian, and Native American styles are some of the major influences of the bohemian dress. Sundresses, peasant blouses, tie-dye shirts, headbands, and the famous bellbottom pants were some of the styles worn during these times. This style was very popular in the 60s and 70s and is still worn today although it’s not as popular as back then.

Bohemian Fabrics

Bohemian clothes tend to be made out of cotton fabrics. Bright colors are quite common along with plain white. Many styles featured patterns often with beads or fancy embroidery. The multi-colored tie-dye shirts were a common pattern worn. These clothes were loose and had layers. Other fabrics are made with wool and silk as well as linen blends. Avoid synthetics, nylon or polyester and go for comfortable soft clothing.

Buying These Vintage Inspired Clothes

Bohemian clothing is still quite popular with some people today. Bright flowered Bohemian style shirts are worn by women in the hot summer months. These clothes add to the free spirit of a person with their bright colors. This clothing is far from the normal dress most people wear and that’s what makes it fun.

Look for ethnic style clothes with bright colors and patterns. Colors that reflect nature are always nice with light blues, browns, egg shell white, yellow, orange, or whatever your favorite color may be. Colorful beads in your hair or a bright scarf can also make this clothing look attractive.

Sundresses with psychedelic prints that are colorful are always a great option with this style or look for an artsy print. Don’t go for too many colors all at once you’ll want a medley of three or four colors on the design you choose. You don’t want anything that’s too loud so stay with a few colors.

This California lifestyle inspired clothing also has plenty of embroidery which is another big part of the style. Look for clothing that have hand embroidery done which looks better than machine. You may find some imperfections which gives it a very natural look to the fabric.


Look for lose flowing skirts with plenty of nice colors. Paisley, tie-dye, floral and folk makes excellent selections. Ones with a border print will also look great. Choose a variety of lengths from just above your knee to down to the ankle. Pick a length that is right for your body shape. Tiered and wrap around skirts with ankle lengths and sequins are a staple in a Bohemian wardrobe. Choose printed ankle length skirts which are fitted at your waist. Go for skirts that end at the knee if you’re short. Ankle length skits will suit most tall women. Don’t wear loose shirts with these skirts as you won’t have the right shape.

Loose Gaucho Pants

Loose gaucho pants that reach your mid-calf, are great for creating the bohemian style. Pay attention to how these fit most of these pant styles are loose so pick a size that is correct for your shape. Pair these pants with well fitted bohemian tops.

Choose Your Style with Vintage Inspired Clothing

The Bohemian style gives you many options for your wardrobe it’s up to you to make the style your own. There are no set rules as to what you should wear. This is a fashion that will bring out your own unique personality. Whether you choose a colorful sundress, a peasant blouse, or go for fun tie-dye you’re all set to go back to the 1970s in style.

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