Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Short Love Story, Sharon's Determination

This is a true story, as told to the author. The person’s involved are now living in Northern California, (San Francisco Bay Area) and all phases of the story are true. The story provides motivation, hope and determination to those looking for love. From foreign policy to disappointment to success, this short story will warm your heart, and renew your faith in determination.

I was heartbroken, the English authorities kicked me out of the country for the third time. Once when I was on a student Visa, and I forgot to attend college. And, once when my Visa expired, and again when my online love connection fell apart right at London’s, Heathrow Airport.
More than ever I was determined to marry an English man and live in England. The fact that I wasn’t’ an English citizen, had no affect on my goals. This had been a lifelong dream since I was a young girl. 

After my second disastrous, encounter with the country of England, I decided my online dating would surely place me in a position to ultimately become an English citizen by way of marriage.
After several months of hot and heavy conversations, online and by telephone, with a young man, we will call Chad, I packed my bags and headed for England for the third time. I had extremely high hopes that our relationship would work out.

After I arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport, I was filled with excitement, and overwhelmed with grief, all within a span of 90 seconds. Because I had been a little late arriving at JFK, my seat on the aircraft was in the back of the plane.

As I waited my turn to get off the aircraft, I was filled with joy, at seeing a man I had come to care for deeply, online. I had no idea that our first meeting would be our last, , nor that a man whom I had never seen before could generate disappointment, embarrassment, and emotional pain in my life.

When Chad saw me in person for the first time, his face turned to a frown. He looked very upset, yet his reaction was reserved, as the English are noted for. As it turned out, Chad hadn’t really understood, when I told him I was a big girl. 

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