Thursday, January 12, 2012

Personalized Keychains for a Creative Business World

In today’s competitive business world one should be creative and unique to stand out. As we need to handle different kinds of customers each day we may have many thoughts and ideas about how to brand ourselves to them.

Advantages of Personalized Key Chains

One of the best forms of marketing is giving a personalized key chain to the customer. There are two advantages in this. One is that it makes the customers happy and they could remember you for many months. The cost is relatively low as well if you order key chains in bulk. Not only your customer but whoever sees the key chain will be impressed and automatically your brand image starts to spread. The biggest advantage is that these keychains are carried everywhere by the customer.

Even though your customers are happy with your service they may not have time or remember to tell people about your service or products. In such cases your branded key chain acts as an automatic referral to anyone who sees it. Compared to other low ROI forms of branding and marketing like handing out flyers or buying ad space on walls or billboards, it is extremely effective, but in the short term and long term.

Helpful and Memorable Branding Tools

These personalized key chains are very helpful especially in small business sectors. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to draw the attention of different kinds of customers towards your business. There is a simple philosophy that says "Keep your customers happy and they will keep you in business." Something as seemingly simple as a promotional keychain does wonders for keeping your customers happy and in turn keeping you in business.

Of course you can give your key chains to more than just existing customers. Trade shows giveaways and community events are perfect opportunities to hand out keychains that will call to mind the time the prospect discussed your services. It might be weeks or even months before the memory jogs, but that keychain will always be there reminding them of the conversation you had.

Giving keychains to your customers is a fantastic way to say thank you for their patronage while ensuring your name stays out there for a bit longer. This is the kind of investment that, with time, will pay off big. Whether for existing customers or new prospects, use your promotional gifts wisely to build your brand and extend your network.

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