Sunday, January 1, 2012

Have Optimal Health and Wellness? Then You’re Already Successful!

They say success always starts with a healthy brain and body. But I say that if you have a healthy brain and body to start with you're already successful! Many people see success in terms of the amount of material possessions they have or the size of their bank balance. Sure these are very important. Material abundance is your natural birthright. But so is an abundance of health and wellness! And success in acquiring material abundance can only truly occur if an abundance of health and wellness is present first.

An abundance of health and wellness is your natural birthright? This is true but hard to believe given the increasing number of sick and pre-maturely-dying people in the world. But why is this? Why is the world filled with chronically ill people who die before they should? This is a crisis. In fact it is an immense crisis. A global crisis in healthcare. But hey, enough of this negativity already! I don't mean to spoil your day with all this talk of doom and gloom. I'd rather tell you about something positive. Something really positive.' But what's the answer?' I discuss it briefly below.

So what’s the positive 'something' I'm going to tell you about? Simply this; you are an infinite being with infinite potential (this is scientifically proven) including the potential to achieve optimal health and wellness. What is optimal health and wellness?

Optimal health and wellness is not just the absence of illness and disease but also the presence of an abundance of energy, vigor and well-being. It is characterized by vitality, physical and emotional fitness, mental clarity and a profound awareness and understanding of what is good for the mind and the body. People who are optimally healthy and well are happy and feel good most or all of the time.

So how would one know whether a person is optimally healthy and well or not? You measure their level of health and wellness! As you may know if you don’t measure something you want to manage, you generally can’t manage it. So what exactly is it that you have to measure with respect to health and wellness? You measure all aspects or dimensions of health and wellness. Aha! And what are they? Well, I’ve identified ten vitally important dimensions of health and wellness and if they are all optimized, produce a profound state of health and well-being. In fact given the alarming global crisis in healthcare we need programs which incorporate these ten dimensions and which are designed to assist individuals and organizations to prevent, reverse and eliminate illness and disease and achieve optimal health and wellness. And in this way of course contribute to solving the healthcare crisis.

Now in my opinion all health and wellness programs should be structured around achieving regular milestones, should be based on solid science and should be focused on achieving results. They should include an assessment of each of the dimensions of health and wellness to determine the state of each one of them and provide a list of actions to be taken to ensure that those dimensions which are suboptimal are optimized. They should also include a current diet assessment to determine whether what is being eaten is conducive to optimal health and wellness or not. And they should provide an ideal or optimal diet if the current diet is not optimal. But I think most importantly all health and wellness programs should include a subconscious mind reprogramming toolkit. The unfortunate reality is that most people purchase programs and services and then never use them. For example I know a person who purchases gym memberships every year but never goes to the gym! It’s the same as people who make New Year’s resolution and then never do what they’ve resolved to do!

Why is that? It is because there is a mismatch between their conscious and subconscious beliefs and intentions. Although they actually state verbally, based on their conscious beliefs, they are going to do one thing (go to the gym) it is their much more powerful subconscious beliefs, their subconscious paradigms, which determines what they will actually do or how they will behave (not go to the gym in this example). I see the same thing in the healthcare environment most days of my working life. As a doctor I've come to realize that most people are not interested in preventing illness and disease. A preventative lifestyle is not 'their thing'. Many are not even interested in reversing and eliminating illness and disease. They would rather remain chronically ill or do nothing when they are well and risk getting ill and only then do something to get better temporarily - or worse they don't get better again. They never regain their health. This is understandable given the immense power of our subconscious paradigms in controlling our lives and determining our fate. So the inclusion of a subconscious mind reprogramming toolkit is important in order to significantly increase the person’s chances of achieving their goals of optimal health and wellness.

And finally all health and wellness programs should include regular one-on-one sessions with a mentor or coach to discuss the progress – or lack thereof – that is being made and any questions the person may have regarding the program or any medical condition he or she may be suffering from.

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Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it - Josh Billings

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