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Fabian Samuel Bangalore Provides Basic Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

Fabian Samuel Bangalore works for a company in India that manufactures the botanical extracts used in nutritional products and dietary supplements. The company’s main markets for export include the United States, Europe, and Japan. Although many people in these countries can afford to purchase whole foods, there are still health benefits of supplementing diets. 
With a career tied to the nutrition industry, Fabian Samuel Bangalore is knowledgeable on the benefits of nutritional supplements. So what are the benefits of using nutritional supplements? Supplements are beneficial because they provide:

  • Greater nutrition. As well as you may eat you may still find yourself lacking certain vitamins or minerals. A supplement can help fill any vitamin or mineral deficiencies created by your diet.
  • Antioxidants. Antioxidants slow the natural process leading to cell tissue damage. By slowing the process, supplements may help protect you from certain diseases like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.
  • Fiber. Ensuring you get fiber has become a popular marketing strategy, but fiber can also help prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, making supplements with fiber a health benefit.
  • Calcium. Calcium helps keep bones strong.
  • Vitamin B12. This provides you with energy and is one of the main ingredients in energy drinks.
  • Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong immune system.
While eating a balanced diet that provides the vitamins and minerals naturally is best, Fabian Samuel Bangalore recognizes the popularity of supplements for societies obsessed with fast food full of transfat and sugars. Fabian Samuel Bangalore also encourages people to look at the products they are buying. “I am certified organic for certain extracts. Natural nutrients and extracts are better absorbed by the body and are preferable to synthetic nutrients,” says Fabian Samuel Bangalore.

Fabian Samuel Bangalore’s career is tied to the nutrition industry and he recognizes the benefits of supplementing a diet for health reasons. “In many societies, sitting down and eating a complete and balanced meal is difficult even though they know it is healthy and important. For people who want to use supplements to even out their diet, multivitamins are typically the easy thing to do,” says Fabian Samuel Bangalore

However, like any professional would, Fabian Samuel Bangalore recommends every person talk with their family doctor about taking any supplement or vitamin regimen. “People process supplements differently based on their health or medications they take, so talking with a doctor first is always recommended,” says Fabian Samuel Bangalore.

For more information about the benefits of taking nutritional supplements, Fabian Samuel Bangalore recommends sites like the following:

Deneeta Pope’s Top 3 Reasons to Attend a Group Fitness Class

For three decades, Deneeta Pope has been an active fitness enthusiast that has spent countless hours training with the goal of achieving good physical health and optimal body functioning. Deneeta Pope has experience training professionally as well is recreationally and, as a result, is a respected fitness authority. For Deneeta Pope, fitness is best attained when working within a group. Regularly working out any group fitness environment can provide the opportunity to bring some excitement to your fitness routine, receive motivation from others, and build rapport with others through sharing challenges and realizing fitness goals.

Participating in group activities allows an individual to vary their fitness routine and try something new. In Deneeta Pope’s favorite new routine called Shred415, which focuses on group fitness classes, provides individuals with an exciting routine that combines cardio, weight training, and individualized attention that can be tailored to fit anyone’s fitness needs. Deneeta Pope knows that working out in a group setting is a great way to step out of a tried-and-true, but boring, fitness routine and experience something new and exciting.

In addition to offering a fresh perspective on fitness, working with others in a group fitness setting provides ongoing motivation to work harder and push the limits of endurance. In Deneeta Pope’s experience, participating in group fitness classes allows an individual the opportunity to work with others towards a common goal which inherently provides motivation. Trying to motivate yourself to go to the gym can be a challenging experience. But, Deneeta Pope reminds readers, that working with others on a consistent basis can provide additional motivation and help stay on track with fitness goals.

Choosing to participate in group fitness classes also builds a sense of togetherness and encourages teamwork to reach individual fitness goals. Over the years, Deneeta Pope has built long-lasting friendships with individuals through group fitness classes. While fitness goals vary by the individual, Deneeta Pope knows that common challenges faced during the course of an active fitness routine are overcome much easier when working out in a group environment.

As an avid fitness enthusiast, Deneeta Pope recommends group fitness classes to beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Participating in group fitness activities can provide an individual a refreshing change from the boring routine, the opportunity to try something new, as well as foster the development of long-lasting friendships with people that share a passion for fitness. Deneeta Pope knows that fitness programs such as Shred415 provide health-conscious individuals with a fun way to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives.

Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall 2013 with James Buccelli

As the CEO and Chairman of Runway Magazine®, and a fashion entrepreneur in his own right, James Buccelli has no trouble obtaining front row seat at international fashion shows. Even when he can’t make the shows, James Buccelli makes a point of investigating up and coming fashion trends, and translating these runway trends to wearable styles. Here are the top 5 trends James Buccelli noticed for menswear in fall of 2013, along with ideas for everyday wear.

1.   Gray on gray. In fall 2013, the safest color to wear in multiple shades – without risking a color clash – is definitely gray. Fall 2013 runway shows were full of charcoal suits, in all manner of patterns and shades, slate colored baseball jackets, and slim slacks in gunmetal grey. According to James Buccelli, grey is the perfect color for the workplace or for the weekend – it can be casual or professional in a pinch.
2.   Baseball jackets. Nothing says All American like a baseball jacket, and James Buccelli saw them all over the runways for fall 2013 collections. These jackets are sporty, classic, masculine, and – if you’re careful in your fit selection – very flattering. From Kim Jones’s crocodile skin baseball jacket, to Missoni’s suede version with signature striped paneling, James Buccelli points out that there’s a varsity style baseball jacket for every man and every occasion.
3.   Oversized squares. Oversized square patterns are one of the biggest trends James Buccelli expects to see in menswear this fall. James Buccelli saw big squares in plaids, checks, and tartans – all in dramatic, supersized patterns. For the daring man, James Buccelli recommends a fully checkered suit – for inspiration, check out Valentino’s version. Interested in something more subtle? Try a single piece with an oversized square pattern, like a square patterned sweater from Bottega Veneta.
4.   Rollnecks. Rollnecked sweaters, jackets, and overcoats were big in 2012, and James Buccelli is pleased to report that this trend is here to stay. Rollnecked sweaters can be worn under suits or coats, while rollnecked coats can be buttoned over your entire ensemble. James Buccelli points out that these high-necked garments often eliminate the need for additional scarves, lending your outerwear a more streamlined, classic look.
5.   Hiking boots. Hiking boots were everywhere James Buccelli looked at the fall 2013 preview shows. The “explorer” theme is very hot right now, James Buccelli explained, and hiking books are the perfect way to tap into the trend without donning a headlamp. Rugged, masculine, and practical, hiking boots complement any outfit. Pair a tailored suit with slender, dark brown leather boots; try jeans with a weathered, chunkier pair.

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Ricardo Warfield Explains the 16 Personality Types

Every person is an individual but there seem to be personality traits that are similar in nature. These traits can be used to indentify different psychological types of human consciousness and the attitudes and preferences those personality types share. Ricardo Warfield is a business professional but also a Certified Myers Briggs Personality Type practitioner. As such, Ricardo Warfield understands the variances of personality types by their four letter combinations.

Personality Types are first broken down into general attitude. The two types are:

·       (E) Extroverts
·       (I) Introverts

According to Ricardo Warfield, "Many introverts are stereotyped as being shy but this is not necessarily true. Introverts are people who put a lot of focus in thought and ideas. They may also enjoy a lot of time at home or alone." By extension, an extrovert is someone who is concerned with external matters and, "They are typically viewed as outgoing while enjoying a highly social environment," explains Ricardo Warfield

There are then four breakdowns of a person's mental functions. These are how a person interprets information. As taught by the Myers Briggs theory, that Ricardo Warfield is certified in, these are:

·         (S) Sensing
·         (N) Intuition

After the way a person interprets information is the process by which people make decision. "Some people may take time to think their choices through using logic or base their decision on a person or situation," explains Ricardo Warfield. For determining personality types, this breaks decision making into:

·         (T) Thinking
·         (F) Feeling

Finally, personality types finish with what the Myers Briggs personality type calls "structure." According to Ricardo Warfield, this means if people make a firm decision or stay open to new information. The final breakdown in personality is defined as either:

·         (P) Perceiving
·         (J) Judging

Important to Ricardo Warfield and others that look at the different personality types is understanding that each personality type has value. Some people may prefer personality types over others but each have value. According to Ricardo Warfield, the different categories are combined to make the 16 different recognizable personality types.

According to Ricardo Warfield, there are plenty of benefits to understanding your personality type. For some people, finding out your personality can help determine which fields or industries would be best to pursue as a career. According to Ricardo Warfield, once a person recognizes the strengths of their personality they can use it as a tool to determine a career path and point to strengths in the hiring process.

For more information about personality types, Ricardo Warfield recommends reading about personality types online from sites like: